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Pashmina Shawl Online

Discover our latest collection of women's Pashmina Shawls in Dubai with creativity, exquisite and exclusive designs. Buy Pure Pashmina shawl online from us!

Exclusive Pashmina Shawls and Scarf ‚Äď 100% Cashmere

Original Pashmina shawl online at the best Pashmina shawl price 

Looking original Pashmina shawl in Dubai? then we have the largest collection of unique Pashmina Dubai, which are one piece only. No two pieces are the same.

Pashmina is not just a shawl or a scarf. These are pieces of art which are unique and one piece only. Pashmina is made from the finest and the most expensive fabric on earth. This finest wool is obtained from the Changthangi Goat only found 15000 feet above sea level in Ladakh - Jammu and Kashmir, making the art of Pashmina even rarer and revered all over the world. Pashmina is also widely called as Kashmiri shawl. If you are looking original Pashmina shawl in Dubai or Kashmiri shawl then we have the largest collection of unique Pashmina Dubai, which are one piece only. 

Why is the Pashmina scarf so expensive?

In olden days, a Kashmiri pashmina shawl were only for royalty. Patronized by the kings and the queens this artful tapestry is woven by hand on a  wooden loom. Hand embroidery is extremely difficult on a fabric as delicate as the pashmina.  Only expert artisans from Kashmir specialize in this art. Each shawl or scarf takes from 2 months to even 6 months to make, and this makes the Pashmina so expensive. We are proud to guarantee you the authentic Pashminas at the best Pashmina shawl price in Dubai. 

Where do you find original authentic pashmina Kashmiri shawl in dubai?

It is hard to find original pashminas nowadays. Since there was a sudden surge in the demand for pashminas, the artist could not keep up with the demand and this opened up the market for fake pashmina shawl or also know as Kashmiri shawl. For a novice, it is  hard to distinguish between a fake and a real. You can only trust authenticity certificate provided and the reputation of the store selling it. Nomadic Camel, is the manufacturer of their own collection since over 25 years and have been supplying to royalties of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and the gulf countries. We make it easier for you to buy a Pashmina shawl online from the comfort of your home, and with the peace of mind of buying an original pashmina with guarantee of best Pashmina shawl price in Dubai and in any other country. With our business in UAE for the past 25 years, and having several retail outlets, we give you more reasons to trust us.  

Are you looking for a Luxury Gift for someone special?

If you are looking for a gift that is luxury and unique as the person then Pashmina shawl or Pashmina scarf is the answer. It will convey to the receiver they are special and worthy of getting such an expensive gift. It also comes in an exclusive gift box to make gifting special.

Pashmina shawl price are based on the uniqueness of the design, the elaborateness of the hand embroidery, the size of the shawl and the fineness of  the fabric. Pashmina prices Dubai are quite unreliable as middle men try to make a lot of money by reselling. For best pashmina shawl dubai price it is wise to buy pashmina online from a manufacturer like Nomadic Camel who would  be able to offer you reasonable  prices for Pashmina in dubai.