Exclusive Skin Care Hamper
Exclusive Skin Care Hamper
Exclusive Skin Care Hamper
Exclusive Skin Care Hamper

Exclusive Skin Care Hamper

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Our Exclusive Skin Care Hamper is ideal as a gift for someone you truly care for.
Completely Organic and natural it is skin care that actually works!. 

The Exclusive Skin Care Hamper Contains:

  • 1 Arabian Argan Oil
  • Your Choice of 3 Camel Milk Soaps 
  • Your Choice of 1 Solid Arabian Perfume

Arabian Argan Oil

Argan oil is the most expensive oil that looks, smells, and feels luxurious on the skin and hair, thanks to its golden hue, nutty aroma, and pleasantly light texture. To this, we have added Camel Milk formulation combining the benefits of both Argan Oil and Camel Milk in one formulation – our magical Arabian Argan Oil

Arabian Argan oil is rich in beneficial nutrients—such as vitamin E, fatty acids, squalene, and antioxidants—it can do wonders for your skin and hair.

Moisturizes, Reduce wrinkles, Brightens skin and fade dark spots, conditions hair and soothes itchy scalp

 Camel Gold Camel Milk Soaps 

Camel Gold is a luxury handmade soap with Camel Milk and all natural ingredients. A true gift of health and beauty from Arabia.

Camel Milk is considered the Gold Of The Desert. Bedouins of Arabia used it for its many unique and amazing beauty properties.

For centuries, camel milk was prized as a nutritious and healing drink, but it was also known to be a beautifying cosmetic. Even Cleopatra, reputed to be the most beautiful woman in history, regularly bathed in camel milk to keep her skin soft and smooth. Using camel milk soap offers a lot of benefits for your skin because it is full of proteins and nutrients not found in other types of milk.

It is a cure for many skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis and acne and is a natural sunscreen.

Camel Milk contains :    

AHA – makes skin younger

Vit C – natural antioxidant, improves skin damage

Vit A – stimulates cell turnover

Vit E – protects against sun and pollution

Fatty Acids – natural moisturizer

Comes in fragrances - LavenderSweet Orange, Lemongrass, Oud, Rose 

Arabian Solid Perfume

Yes, It’s perfume in a jar. It’s time to toss away your alcoholic spray perfume which do not last long and switch to Solid Perfumes.

Solid Perfumes made with all natural ingredients are void of alcohol and last much longer. The cream base of the perfume makes it suitable to use directly on your skin imparting gentle moisturizer.  
Non-Alcoholic content is ideal for Muslims to use during prayers.
Our Arabian Solid Perfume is a true ode to fragrances from the mystique Arabia. A conveniently compact jar makes it easy to use even while travelling. 

A touch of class that lingers.

Comes in fragrances - Amber, Oud, Mukhallat


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