How to Wear Pashmina Shawls in Style Tips For Getting It Right

Pashmina is regarded as the world's best handicraft, transforming incredibly warm and delicate Cashmere strands into sumptuous accessories. The fleece of the Changthangi Goat is known as Pashm, which is an Urdu term with Farsi origins. This exotic goat can only be found 15000 feet above sea level in Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, making the craft of Pashmina even more rare and renowned across the world. 

Pashmina's enchanting charm and classic elegance have captivated monarchs, royals, and people all over the world. Perhaps this is why we choose to show the world the exquisiteness and regal attitude of this centuries-old craft.

The finest pashmina shawls are woven with the highest quality fine yarns using Sozni needlework, regarded as one of the most sophisticated styles of embroidery in the Kashmir valley, having no comparison anywhere else in the world. Sozni embroidery is an exquisite needlework carried out on the delicate Pashmina shawl to infuse ancient designs in gorgeous colors over a plain base so that our customers receive a beautiful product that is not only extremely soft and warm but also incredibly luxurious.

Draping a pashmina

A pashmina is an incredibly versatile accessory, adding warmth to cold evenings and taking off in seconds when temperatures rise. Unlike other winter wear, you may wrap the shawl in different ways, ensuring you look elegant while you remain warm, and our wide range of Pashmina shawls at Nomadic Camel can come to your rescue! According to some fashion experts, the pashmina shawl can be draped in as many as 50 different ways! Here are seven:

The charming single-shoulder look

One of the gorgeous shawl drapes is the single shoulder. All you got to do is wrap the shawl around one shoulder, making it longer in front and shorter in behind. Make sure the stitching and pattern on your shawl are facing front. Bring the tassels on your shawl to the front as well. This drape looks great with classic ensembles.

The elegant wrap around

If you get cold, this should be your go-to drape. Wrap the scarf over your neck to form several layers. Allow a little section of the shawl to hang loosely before tucking the end between the layers to maintain its position. This style will keep your neck warm and will look great with any outfit.

The Chic Shrug

You may give your ensemble a western flair by draping your shawl like a shrug. Wrap the shawl over your neck and hang it in front. Another option to wear the shawl is to fold one corner to the center and tie it with a knot. Repeat on the opposite side. Then you may put on your shrug-shawl to keep warm, fashionable, and comfy.

The stylish scarf

You may use your shawl as a scarf over almost any outfit, from blazers to suits to dresses. Wrap the scarf in numerous layers around your neck, leaving equal lengths dangling on either side. The result is a trendy, comfy, and adaptable style that makes it the ideal winter companion.

The cool jacket

This easy drape technique can change any appearance. Go ahead and wrap the shawl around both shoulders till you're at ease. Then, using a belt, tighten the shawl in place. The nice part about this look is that you can change it up with each shawl you possess.

The classy stole

You may also put on a pashmina stole. Fold your shawl and drape the center of the stole over the neck, leaving the two sides free from the front. Take one of the ends and cross it over the other. There are a lot of different ways to wear a stole. Wear it how your inner diva desires: dangle from the shoulder, wrap it across the neck, or knot it around the waist.

As a traditional headscarf

Wrap one side of the shawl around your head and the other around your shoulder. You may also wrap the Pashmina shawl over your head and tie and knot the other two ends around your nape. If you do not want to conceal your hair, fold the shawl in half so that it is visible.

Styling your looks with Pashmina 

Styling your looks with Pashmina will help you create your own style statements. From evening look to office wear, from casual wear to wedding dress, from ethnic wear to western attire

The wedding looks 

When it comes to being part of a wedding ceremony, nothing beats the gracious demeanor of a classic handcrafted Pashmina shawl. When a hand-embroidered pure pashmina shawl from Nomadic Camel is combined with your carefully curated ethnic costumes, you will undoubtedly be the star of the evening.

For casual outfits

No one would have believed just a few decades ago that we would be wearing Pashmina to a casual get-together or a casual day out with friends. But, as Pashmina became intimately acquainted with elegant designs and trendy patterns, they became an almost inseparable element of an everyday winter ensemble. Give your casual ensembles a luxurious finishing touch with a printed or patterned Pashmina shawl, and watch your guests be delighted.

For office looks

Solid and Ombre Pashminas are ideal for people who wish to wear a formal look while still displaying a unique sense of style. A simple and neutral-colored Pashmina shawl goes nicely with well-cut pantsuits. Alternatively, an Ombre Pashmina may be worn with light-colored collared button-up shirts. Wear these colorful Pashminas with your formal outfit to feel warm and stylish.

Pashmina shawls as gifts

A Pashmina shawl has proven to be the most adaptable gift. Pashmina has been given as a present to parents, friends, corporate bosses, employees, spouses, brides and grooms, and individuals of all ages. The versatility of this fabric is the reason behind this. Traditionally, Pashmina scarves were exclusively worn by queens, monarchs, and wealthy members of royal courts. It was found in the sixteenth century. It was later made more affordable to the general population. 

However, at Nomadic Camel, our artisans have recently integrated modern, trendy patterns, prints, motifs, and colors into the technique, making it suited for people of various ages and moods.


Some people may not find festivals, holidays, or events to be particularly exciting. Then there are some who have festival seasons that are filled with emotion and drama. For individuals who enjoy special events, a Pashmina scarf as a present will excite their already giddy hearts. Pashmina would do wonders for a patron of Christmas festivity, a fan of the winter season, or someone who celebrates the New Year pompously.

We at Nomadic Camel have got some festive gift sets lined up exclusively for you. Our range of pashmina shawls is perfect for gifting someone you love or to wear yourself and making the festivities more memorable!


Can you wear a pashmina with a dress?

Pashmina shawls look well with dresses (both long and short), jeans and shirts, casual clothing sets, ethnic clothes, and casual ensembles.

How do you pair a shawl with jeans?

Simply put on your regular pair of jeans and shirt and wrap a shawl over your shoulders and arms. You can style them like a scarf, shrug, or stole too! Choose shawls in neutral colors to match the rest of your outfit.

What is the best shape for a shawl?

Triangular, crescent, semi-circular, side-to-side, and asymmetrical are the five most common shawl shapes.