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Designer Leather Handbags For Women

Shop leather designer handbags for women at Nomadic Camel. Check out our huge selection with free shipping every day!

Camel Leather

Our range of Camel Leather handbags has been developed with the pursuit to handcraft leather items which display quality, are unique, developed without harming any camels and which aim to give back to the society with every purchase made.

We do not harm any Camels to make our Camel leather products 

We are born in the Middle East where the Camel is our HERO. Camel has been a means of survival of nomads living in the desert in olden days. It still is our national animal which holds great respect. The leather obtained from the Camels is collected from Camel farms where the camels have died a natural death. These camel skins which would otherwise go waste are given life again in our creations of Camel Leather Handbags for Women. Nomadic Camel is the leading manufacturer in Camel Leather products in Dubai.

Why use Camel Leather handbags for women?

Camel leather is 3 times more stronger than cows leather and has 10 times more collagen fibers. Camel is the animal of the desert with capacity to endure tough conditions, making its skin naturally tougher than all other animal skins. This means that the camel leather handbag that you have bought will last you much longer than any other women’s leather handbag.

 Handcrafted with our signature design

Each Nomadic Camel Leather handbag for women is handcrafted with a signature iconic centre motif design. Unique and trendy colors which are generally not found in leather such as greens, greys, reds and maroons make our range of women’s leather handbags unique and much sought after. Please have a look at our many happy customer reviews to know more.

Premium Quality Leather Handbags

Each bag is purely handcrafted with each unseen detail taken care of. Sourcing the highest quality leather is our priority. We believe it is our responsibility towards you, to give, nothing but the best leather to make the best leather handbag for women.

We seek beauty in our craft and hold high quality standards and assure you of the best leather products in Dubai.

Shop leather handbags for women at Nomadic Camel. Check out our huge selection with free shipping every day!

When it comes to traveling, going to the office, or for outings, it’s very important to have the perfect handbag with you. Leather handbags bags in Dubai are quite strong and durable. With a good finishing touch, these bags are highly fashionable. It is very worth it to use as per their cost.  

Benefits of Designer Leather handbags for women in Dubai: 

Some of the advantages of designer leather handbags for women are:

  1. Strong and resistance is one of the coolest advantages of leather bags so you can use it roughly and it will not disappoint you. 
  2. No scrapes and scratches. So it will not look old, unstylish, and bought from a cheap store/market.
  3. Leather handbags for women in Dubai always look very high standard and classy.
  4. last longer with tougher conditions
  5. Leather handbags for women come with high or strong quality zips, bag handles or pockets

The leather handbags for women in Dubai are very essential if you are considering them for travel and domestic needs.