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6 products

Camel Skin Care Products

Need a miracle ingredient for your skin which can solve all your skin issues from acne, eczema, dry/dull skin to whitening?

 There is one answer to all – Camel Milk.

 Camel Milk is the most trending ingredient in skin care now for its active properties which show results almost instantly. Camel milk skin care is new to us, but it has been used in the Middle East for centuries now. The famed, most beautiful queen Cleopatra used to bathe in Camel milk. Camel milk has been actively incorporated in our camel milk skin care range.

 What are the benefits of camel milk for your skin?

 Camel milk has a very unique composition of being rich in Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA), vitamins, minerals, and anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory immune proteins. Camel milk is actively absorbed in the skin to deeper layers of the skin unlike other milk. It helps in anti-ageing and deeply moisturizing the skin. Many of our customers say that the Camel Milk Skin Care Soap from Nomadic Camel, is more of a cream than a soap which causes dryness after wash.

 Is Camel milk skin care suitable for all skin types?

Camel milk is the closest in formula to natural human breast milk, so it does not irritate any skin type. It does not have any allergens, and is made with natural ingredients. Camel Milk soaps from Nomadic Camel are perfume free made with fresh camel milk and first press olive oil. We have seen our clients relieved and happy from severe skin conditions such as eczema, acne and hyper pigmentation.

Looking to give a unique gift which would be suitable for all?

Camel milk soap from Nomadic Camel is the perfect choice, with its unusual packaging and best formulation for Camel Milk Soap. This would make the right choice as gift hampers for her. And we a certain that Gift hampers for her with Camel milk soap in their unusual packing will never fail to impress.