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66 products

Camel Wool Scarf

Camel Wool is a natural and a very unique material which is not only soft and warm but also very durable and allergy free. Ultra soft baby camel wool has a very light and fluffy texture which makes it wearable in both bot and cold weather. Pretty Camel wool Shawls are made in different patterns and colors to match any ensemble


The camel sheds its hair every spring before the summer season. Our camels are not shaved for their wool. They naturally shed their hair which is collected to be then woven into camel wool yarn. We do not harm our camels to obtain their wool.


Camel wool scarf is a refined casual accessory that is perfect for both city dressing and winter days in the mountains. Very versatile, can be draped in several ways to create a sophisticated ensemble. You can lay this shawl over your shoulders for relaxing shopping days, cocktail party, garden party, tea party, or wrap it around it into your suit for a busy day in the office.


Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, Graduation or other special occasions ALL call for a luxury gift of a camel wool scarf. Scarves are very versatile and ideal for gifting. They make a perfect in your gift hamper for her. Shop with us to get the best camel wool shawls in Dubai.


Packaged in a unique wooden scroll box, the camel wool shawl is ideal for gifting. Both the camel wool scarf and the packaging are sustainable support our part for a greener planet.


In order to maintain over years, the scarf should be washed preferably by hand using only delicate soaps without surfactants. Fabric conditioners are always to be avoided. Washed clothes should be laid on a dry towel in order to preserve their shape and be left to dry if possible in the open air.