Must have leather handbags for women

Leather is characterized as classy, elegant, convenient, durable, and robust. This is the reason why leather bag always tops the chart in the list of best handbags for women.

Women love to have a variety of handbags. Different styles of leather handbags for women have become the most desirable fashion accessories. Here are different types of leather handbags you must consider including in your closet.

Types of leather handbags

A leather bag can add a lot of fashion and style to your outfit. Here are some of the most stylish and timeless options of leather bags.

Big tote leather bag

Some women like to carry a lot of things in their bags such as makeup essentials, tissues, and sanitary napkins, keys, wallet, a small bottle of water, skin lotions, charger, power bank, and much more. Best quality Camel leather from Nomadic Camel will ensure that the bag remains strong as you put loads of goodies inside, as camel leather is ten times stronger than cowhide as the number of fibers per square centimeter is ten times more than the cowhide. This elevates the reliability of camel leather products. 

Sling leather bag

In absolute contrast to the previous type of bag, a leather sling bag is imperative when you do not need to carry as many things. If you do not need many compartments and just need to carry some cash and a mobile phone, this lightweight and elegant type of bag is the wisest option. A leather sling bag goes well with any outfit.

Saddle Cross-Body leather bag

It is called a saddle bag because it has a front flap that can be folded and fastened. They are usually small in size and are equipped with long cross-body straps. It is convenient to use and hold this bag. Best for a great shopping experience! Saddle bag made from camel leather is much softer and smoother, and is also known for its tensile strength. 

Briefcase leather bag

A bag that gives a look of a strong briefcase is a popular and classic option for a leather bag. It is usually made in a camel brown color and flaunts a pair of straps on the front of the bag too. It can be used for casual occasions. Normally it offers both - the long strap to carry the same diagonally across your body and a small thick strap too, to be left loose on your hands.

Barrel leather bag

This bag is shaped like a cylindrical or a barrel. It is small or medium in size. It is curated with a short shoulder strap with a spacious room inside. This bag is available in many designs.

Envelope Bag

As the name suggests, it a bag made in the shape of an envelope. These bags are thin and long in a rectangular shape with a triangular front flap. They can be held like a clutch. It has a little space, just for a few essential items. if you are looking for a unique, sustainable, and exquisite option, then go for Camel leather bag. 

Wrapping up:

Leather bags never go out of style. Buying a nomadic camel leather bag does not only adds class and grace to your personality, but it will stand the test of time too.