9 Tips for Buying a Great Corporate Gift

Most corporate cultures pay special attention to gift-giving. Whether you want to thank your loyal employees or customers, remind someone of your business, the basic reason behind gift-giving is the same. Gifts strengthen business relationships and adds a personal touch to business which always goes a long way. And if the gift is personalized for the individual then it even more valued by the receiver.

There is a marked trend in Corporate gifts Abu Dhabi suppliers and Unique corporate gifts Dubai which are currently available.

Let’s take a look at the 9 tips which are going to be beneficial when choosing perfect corporate gift.

  • Presentation is key.

A gift that pleases the eye with its unique packaging stands out from the crowd.

  • Consideration is important.

There are many different possibilities for gift giving. Food and drink items are extremely popular as corporate gifts Abu Dhabi and Corporate Gift in Dubai. The market now is also flooded with the same choice of boring pens, mugs, diaries. If you wish to go beyond the usual and explore the unique then look into the unique range of Nomadic Camel products. They are unique and heritage and make perfect corporate gifts Abu Dhabi and perfect unique corporate gifts Dubai.

  • Quality and uniqueness goes a long way

While gifting, if the idea is unique, it goes a long way. People remember and talk about it for long. At Nomadic camel, you can find a lot of unique items for e.g. original cashmere pashmina, camel wool scarves, leather handbags, wallets, exquisite jewelry to match the taste and budget of every individual.

  • Branding vs overbranding

At the end of the day, you want to brand it in a unique way. If it’s a pen or a mug, you should not slap the logo, with the company name to make it overcrowded. Branding is a requirement; however, it should be done in a subtle manner

  • Go for handwritten notes.

Not expensive at all and yet adds to the gift in total. Makes it more personal and gives it a whole new vibe!

  • Check company policies
    Always a good idea to be prepared beforehand. Some companies do not allow corporate gifts to come in from outside and others have limits. It is always good to know before gifting for the fear it might be returned.
  • Know the culture.

Do your homework about the corporate culture and belief of the individual before giving a gift. Also, bear in mind the gender and nationality for the receiver.

  • A practical gift is a winner.

A utility gift which is used by the receiver, rather than a just a souvenir is always preferred. What a great way to have your brand name instilled in the minds of individuals who use your gift every day.

  • Budget it out

Luxury corporate gifts can be bought at a bargain if bought directly from the manufacturers and not retailers. Not only can you get extra customization from the manufacturer but also a better price. Have a look here for some Luxury gifting ideas from Nomadic Camel. Who manufacture their own products.


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When exploring the possibilities for gift giving in your office, don’t get overwhelmed. Use the expert advice from professional gift-giving companies to give wisely. Still don’t know what to gift?  you can always buy their gift card and let your customer/employee choose what fits them best. When you visit the nomadic camel website, you come across a unique range from wallets, bags, Jewelery, scarves of the highest quality.

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