The ultimate shopper's guide on Pashmina in Dubai

If you want to experience comfort and luxury that you would have never felt before, then invest in buying world-famous pure Pashmina. Pashmina is material is extracted from a silky-soft undercoat of the Himalayan goat, later processed into luxe apparel and accessories by skillful artisans.

To have the honor and dignity of owning an authentic and state of the art pashmina, here we make you aware of how to buy the best Pashmina Dubai.

How to buy pure Pashmina in Dubai

You can get a real silky-soft pure pashmina shawl in Dubai. Women of Dubai and abroad have a special place for pashminas in their hearts.

Here is what to keep in mind while shopping for the best pashmina in Dubai.

Reputable seller

Begin by selecting a reputable and authentic shop like provides genuine pashmina products such as pashmina shawls by Nomadic Camel. Not only you will find genuine and high-quality products here, but you will be amazed to see a wide range of beautiful and unique pashmina shawls. It will be an incredible feeling to wear feather-light shawls. It is also a perfect gifting option as everyone loves pashmina and you can never go wrong with it.

Ring test

This one is a classic trick to identify the purity of the pashmina shawls if you are buying pashmina shawl online. You can recognize a real pashmina using a ring. A pure pashmina shawl passes through the ring seamlessly. If it is polyester, it will not move through.

Burn test

There is another way of testing real pashmina and determine its authenticity. To perform this pashmina test, you need to get a small portion of pashmina fabric and light it to burn. Then, you need to smell and touch it. As pashmina is made from natural hair, it should smell like burnt hair and not like burning synthetic. Also, after it is burnt, the material must be quite similar to how it was and not viscose. You can find pashmina shawl price in Dubai online.

Touch and sight

Use your senses of touch and feel while buying a pashmina. Real pashminas are very soft and warm. Be informed that they are also matte and have no sheen unless the same is blended with silk.


Pashmina shawl price is not cheap. Since the pashmina goats are very rare and the pashmina manufacturers get to shed their fur just once a year, they have a limited amount of material. If the same is mixed with some other material or fabric, it is slashed in the prices. Hence, a pure pashmina is quite expensive. Find more on pashmina shawl Dubai price here.

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What is pure Pashmina?

A pure Pashmina shawl, scarf, or wrap is created with pure Cashmere strands obtained from the Himalayan goat. In the Himalayas, a unique kind of goat grows a special kind of fleece. In the summer, they lose their down coat, which is collected and processed to make Pashmina shawls, scarves, and stoles.

How can you tell the quality of Pashmina?

Burn Test • Pick a thread from the fringes of your Pashmina scarf. This should suffice for the burn test. • Burn this thread on a flat surface. • Gently smell the burned thread and touch the ashes with your fingertips. • If you smell burnt hair and the ashes turn to powder, your scarf is more likely to be authentic. Because pashmina scarves are created from genuine hair, they have the same odor. • After completing this step, return to the charred Pashmina thread. It is more likely to be original if it has developed a matte look.

What does 100 pashmina mean?

Because they are 100% pure, pure Pashmina scarves are also known as 100 Pashmina scarves.

How many types of Pashmina shawls are there?

To date, only these 5 or 6 motifs have been used to adorn women's Pashmina shawls. It would not be entirely incorrect to claim that as more and more fashionistas fall in love with Pashmina, more and more designs will become familiar with Pashmina. As customers, we must wait patiently and anticipate what the future world of Pashmina has in store for us.