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Deserts were the crossroads of civilization in ancient times. Oases were a source of water and food for those traveling the trade routes. These oases are among the earliest homes of nomadic people who travelled along the caravan routes between Baghdad and Damascus or from India to Egypt.

Bedouins, the nomadic Arabs, historically inhabited the desert regions in the Arabian Peninsula with a culture of herding camels. Popularly known as the 'ship of the desert, the camels were a mode of transport, a source of nourishment, and a symbol of wealth. While the camel hide would be used to make tents, shoes, and warm clothing, the camel hair would be woven into rugs and clothing. Camel milk, packed with nutrients, was used to make yogurt & butter, while camel meat was served as a delicacy.

Born out of the shared vision with our Bedouin ancestors, we at Nomadic Camel aim to take their legacy of honoring and respecting the camels forward by offering the world a range of diversified, handcrafted products made from various parts of these unique creatures. 

The experience of mesmerizing 2 million tourists of over 100 nationalities with our range of enchanting products from our 23 outlets over the past 15 years, giving us an excellent knowledge of our consumers, led to the birth of Nomadic Camel. Taking this enriching knowledge and experience forward, we have consistently offered a range of products created for those discerning visitors. They demand the best and look to take back memories of Arabia for their clients, friends, and family. Our collection of innovative yet timeless products is designed to express the essence of true Arabian tradition and is accompanied by our bespoke service and luxury experience. 

Why Nomadic Camel

  1. Going beyond being just a souvenir for mere gazing pleasure, we strive to make each product utility driven and beneficial for health and wellness.
  2. Following age-old traditions, our products are handcrafted by expert artisans with high-quality materials, sophistication, excellent care, and attention to detail.
  3. Produce all our products in-house to ensure consistency in quality and aesthetics while keeping the cost in check
  4. Keeping the audience and a wide range of occasions in mind, the packaging and quality features are designed to enhance the gift experience and make our products truly memorable.
  5. Our product range is developed with in-depth research and knowledge of the customer preferences targeted at the discerning traveller who appreciates the finer things in life.
  6. With a range of products from across industries, we are a one-stop shop for all your gifting needs.
  7. All our products, including their packaging, are unique and can be personalized on request.

Nomadic Camel - Our Product range

1. Camel Wool Scarves 

Our scarves are crafted from ultra-soft baby Camel Wool, with a light, fluffy texture derived from the soft underlay coat of the camels by brushing the camel during the moulting season when they shed hair. Camel's hair has thermostatic properties, insulates in cold conditions, and keeps cool in the desert heat. 

These scarves are a refined casual accessory perfect for city dressing and winter days in the mountains. It can be draped in several ways to create a sophisticated ensemble - over your shoulders for relaxing shopping days, cocktail, garden, or tea parties, or wrapped into your suit for a busy day in the office.

2. Men's Head Scarf - Shemagh Ghutra 

Countries in the Middle East have a unique fashion statement, which also sticks to tradition and culture. Men cover their heads with a beautiful handmade scarf called the ghutra. At Nomadic Camel, we specialize in exclusive one-piece only ghutra or the shemagh made with the finest Kashmiri Pashmina Mussar obtained from the Changthangi Goat only found 15000 feet above sea level in Ladakh - Jammu and Kashmir, with hand embroidery. This finest wool makes the art of Pashmina even rarer and revered worldwide. 

3. Pashmina Scarves & Shawls

Considered the finest craftsmanship in the world, which transforms the exceptionally warm and delicate Cashmere threads into opulent accessories, Pashmina has fascinated kings, royals, and people all over the world with its magical allure and traditional grace. Using the traditional Sozni embroidery, artisans spend between a few weeks to years expertly infusing traditional motifs in beautiful colors to complete a masterpiece. Perhaps this was why we chose to showcase this centuries-old art's exquisiteness and regal demeanor to the world.

You can explore the luxurious Pashmina collection and order your favorite Pashmina shawl online from the comfort of your home.

4. Leather Handbags 

Exuding refined femininity, our luxury leather handbags are handmade from camel leather that is ethically sourced, chrome-free, vegetable dyed, and biodegradable. Each piece is carefully handcrafted for superior performance and quality, featuring inspiration from the nomadic camel caravans and a structured shape with the Nomadic Camel's iconic center crafted with detailed adorning. Pair it with a romantic midi dress and structured blazers.

5. Leather Wallets

Let us transport you to a world of exotic luxury with the Nomadic Camels leather wallet collection. As a mark of respect for our sacred heritage and the camels, our collection of camel leather goods is void of chemicals, is biodegradable, and is exclusively handmade. Handmade by master craftsmen using an amazing selection of full-grain leather and quality hardware, each piece is built to last.

6. Jewelry

Mariah designs are one-of-a-kind opulent items inspired by femininity, beauty, travel, art, history, and nature. Each piece is created with beautiful natural gemstones and high-quality materials that are skillfully fashioned into 24k gold-plated jewelry designs that showcase these gemstones' inherent beauty and individuality. Bring an air of luxury to your styling. Wear them to accessorize both your every day and glamorous outfits. What's unique is ours is a one-piece-only exclusive collection.

7. Camel Gold – Luxury Camel Milk Soap 

Camel Milk, known as the "Gold of the Desert," has been utilized by Bedouins in Arabia for its many unique and wonderful aesthetic attributes. Camel milk was regarded as a healthy and therapeutic drink for generations, but it was also recognized as a beauty cosmetic. Camel milk soap has several skin advantages since it contains proteins and elements not seen in other forms of milk.

Camel Gold is a luxury handmade soap with Camel Milk and all-natural ingredients. A true gift of health and beauty from Arabia. 

Our premium soaps come in five different natural fragrances: Mukhallat, Rose, Lavender, Sweet Orange, and Lemongrass. 

8. Camel Delights – Premium Camel Milk Chocolate Dates

The Bedouins survived and relied on Camel Milk and dates for their nutrition in an environment of scarcity. The nutritional benefits of camel milk are endless. At Nomadic Camel, we are proud to bring nature's most nutritious dairy beverage in its most convenient and delicious form - Camel Milk Chocolate Dates with Almond. We would not be wrong in saying this is the world's best and most delicious Super Food. 

9. Amirah - Premium Camel Milk Chocolate

Chocolates universally symbolize celebration, comfort, and indulgence. Around the globe, chocolates have been associated with spreading love, warmth, and happiness. Amirah chocolates are our way to make the world savor the Camel Milk and the Arabian heritage.

10. Gifting

Some gifts are big. Others are small. But the ones that come from the heart are the best gifts of all. 

The gift you offer might leave an indelible impression on the recipient. A present will make someone feel special, therefore while choosing a gift, keep the recipient in mind. A gift has the potential to last a long time and to foster great relationships. A satisfied customer or partner, especially in the business environment, can considerably impact the business.

At Nomadic Camel, we have a range of thoughtful corporate gifts designed to show your gratitude, celebrate achievements, or wish someone well.

Still unsure of what to gift?

Gift cards are the answer. Just select the amount, and you can send the gift card electronically. She makes her choice by browsing through our website, and we do the shipping. Gifting is made easy and simple.

The perfect gift is always in the eyes of the beholder. In our view, it is a gift that speaks to you, your company, or your loved one, and it suits the purpose of celebration. Our role at Nomadic Camel is to facilitate that experience so that you can give the best gift possible. Our bespoke service will help us create a gift from your imagination and dreams. 

Life is beautiful, and it begins with a smile. Here we celebrate nature's beauties with our Camel products, every design carved to perfection with a maxim' a touch of luxury. 

Come, feel the warmth of our heritage, explore and take back a piece of Arabia for yourself or your loved ones!