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86 products

Leather Products In Dubai

Genuine Camel Leather Collection

Exclusively handmade and sustainably sourced

Nomadic Camel is the biggest producer of Camel leather products in the Middle East.  All our goods are exclusively handcrafted, with premium quality leather to make designs that are patent. We are mindful and conscious of using only sustainably sourced leather.

  • Premium Camel Leather
  • Sustainably sourced without harming any camels
  • Exclusively handcrafted
  • Patent designs

We are proud to say that we have the widest range of leather products in Dubai. Our exclusive leather handbags for women and leather wallets for men are the most popular.

With the desert habitat in the Middle East, Camels are in plenty compared to cows or goats. Camels require up to 40X times less water reducing the impact on the environment. The leather that we use is bought from smaller individual camel farms that raise camels for their milk and not for leather production. We actually use these hides/skin which would otherwise go to waste. The leather in the tannery goes through a chemical-free process with water being recycled.

Each Nomadic Camel leather product, from its wide variety of leather handbags for women or our widely popular leather wallets for men, is handcrafted. This means that we provide a source of income to a lot of families. 

A genuine camel leather women’s handbag is a statement accessory and not just a mere handbag. Each leather handbag design is detailed to the minutest at each stage from the inception of the design to the final production. The character of every genuine camel leather women’s handbag lies in the unseen detail. Hand-crafted means that we give a part of our energy to every bag making it more unique. It actually gives us the responsibility that what we create will pass on to you.

Our eco-friendly camel leather is of premium quality only which goes through many quality checks at each stage of production. The physical performance of each bag is thoroughly checked. Camel leather is 3X stronger than cow leather and more softer. It does not tear with time and can withstand a lot of rough use too. 

For the leather wallets for men, we have unique textures and colors that will make you stand out from the rest. Some of our pieces are exclusively one piece only. Utility and ease of use are of prime importance. The wallet is a daily use item and we make sure that it serves to be perfect for utility and style.

Our leather range also makes as great corporate gifts that can be branded with your company logo or even bespoke designs exclusively created for you. If you have in mind certain designs or require our design team’s assistance to create something unique then we can help and produce. Get in touch with us for any leather products in Dubai.